aplikasi handler versi 2

aplikasi handler versi 2

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QQ Browser Mini 2.2.5 Handler

QQBrowser225 Handler UIScreenshot 1  QQBrowser225 Handler UIScreenshot 2  QQBrowser225 Handler UIScreenshot 46164722374                                        SETINGANNYA AKAN MENYUSUL

ibibo iBrowser 2.2.05 Handler

Fastest Indian Mobile Browser to access thousands of sites on your mobile phone! With thousands of popular Indian sites already pre-embedded, the browser is simple to navigate and use.
Mobile surfing is cheaper on iBrowser which is enabled through the advanced compression technology that can reduce data costs by up to 85%.
i Browser225 Handler UIScreenshot 1i Browser225 Handler UIScreenshot 2i Browser225 Handler UIScreenshot 3



Opera Mini 6.1 Android HandlerUI100

The procedure to use it is:
1. Install the app.
2. Ensure that your GPRS Settings is already set.
3. Enable the data network mode ( By long press the power button and choose data network mode or go to Applications->Settings->Wireless and network->Mobile Networks->Use packet data). In the upper screen will be seen your GPRS signal, H, 3G, E with Arrow up and down in the below of it.
4. Run the Opmin.
5. Set up your working settings in HandlerUI, then press Save in the bottom.
6. Feel free to browse…
- Android OS 2.1 or above…


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