Justin bieber hina indonesia

Justin bieber hina indonesia

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Justin bieber hina indonesia - Ya itulah yang dilakukan oleh artis dunia yg satu ini ia menghina salah satu studio indonesia entah kenapa ia mau melakukan penghinaan terhadap negara kita yang tercinta ini ? Yang jelas asalkan ia tau aja ada puluhan juta rakyat indonesia nge fans ma dia ,tentu ini akan membuat berkurang nya fans justin di indonesia akibat sikapnya Justin bieber hina indonesia

Justin Bieber. (AFP Photo).
In news likely to break the hearts of many thousands of his local fans, teenage pop sensation Justin Bieber has reportedly “insulted” Indonesia during an event to premiere his new album in London.

British tabloid The Mirror reported that Bieber — adored by countless fans throughout the country — “flew into the UK on a promo mission... but mocked the [English] accent, insulted [Indonesia] and threw a hissy fit instead.”

The paper reported that the superrich 18-year-old plucked from obscurity to become one of the world’s most recognizable faces arrived at London’s Supperclub to promote his new album, Believe.

The irritated teen reportedly demanded his music be played immediately and then complained about the sound system before turning his attentions to Indonesia as he described his process creating the album.

“I was in some random country,” Bieber begins, as his manager Scott “Scooter” Braun, interjects: “Indonesia.”

“I recorded it in a studio,” continues Justin. “Some little place. They didn’t know what they were doing.”

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  1. justin bieber kurang ajarr..

  2. rgg ptp deh.. apapun itu ga bakal merubah pendapatku ttg justin.. tetep, gak suka.. wkwkwk

    #meskipun udah ada bantahannya..

  3. g tau diri. g pernah diajari sopan santun, makanya ngelunjak kayak gitu! idola tanpa fans itu sama juga kayak orang biasa.

  4. bikin kesal kata-katanya....

  5. dsar ank salah kentot kau bujang

  6. Wah baru tau gua dia bantah tuh isu..palingan itu cuma kata" biar fans nya yang di Indonesia gk pada marah.Parah.....